Rain falls within,

As blood flows without.

What is it like before you die?

What do you think about?

Do you think of misery,

Or things you could have changed?

Or are the thoughts inside your mind,

All but rearranged?

Does a sudden calm approach,

And whisk away the fear?

Or are you reminded painfully

Of those who once were dear?

Does death bring with it pain,

Or do you feel at all?

Does that last breath feel like floating,

Or hitting a solid wall?

The answers to these questions

Are a mystery to me,

But I don't think it'll be long now,

Before I get to see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An ode to the last moment.

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Essence Scott's picture

it depends on the person.

i like this lots

Carolyn Theisen's picture

hey this ic carolyn one of the girls who would love to strip you, but anyway i really like this poem it has alot of the questions i really would like answered. but i dont want to take my own life to see because none of these questions will be answered i should know i used to be and still am a suicidle person

xpossessedsoulx's picture wuz such a fuckin awesome kinda made me wanna cry a bit...but i didnt...ur fuckin great at writin...n by the way...i wuz lookin at ur pic...n ur realli hott...just thought id get that out there

Carolyn Theisen's picture

i like your work i really do. it almost seems as if you and i could get along just great
i hope to hear from you sometime carolyn t.