Secrets by Abundance

What can I say

That many don’t already know

I am a senior at Shelton high

I have bright blue eyes

Or green at times

I have a 1975 Chevy Nova

Sitting in my drive

A 350 small block

Waiting to get in

I have a cat named Killer

A fish by the same

Three dogs

Spunky, Tips, and Chewie

I wear my emotions on my sleeve

And am as transparent

As a thin sheet of ice

I live with my dad

With my mom close by

Two brothers with her

One sister astray

I work at Jack

Boy what fun

I listen to Country, Rock, Metal and more

I guess there is still

More secrets

Hiding under my bed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12-14-2005... Might use for class. not sure

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