I Remember

I have just realized the biggest mistake of my life,

only after it is too late to change.

I just wish I could go back in time and change my mind.

I never should have left you,

the very best thing in my life.

You meant the world to me,

and I'd do anything to have you back.

Now I'm all alone, and have been for way too long.

I've been thinking of you again,

and all the good times we had.

I remember the medevial faire,

and the tortuga twins(but there's three!)

I remember pizza at pizza hut,

and me with my carnival shooter.

I remember laying next to you,

our bodies covered in sweat.

I remember spending every last day with you,

and wishing i could see you more.

I remember the time you dad walked in on us making out.

I remember our walks through the woods,

and wishing they would never end.

I remember the time i sang buttercup for you.

I remember the time you helped me get rid of my ex,

and how much you enjoyed it.

I remember waiting 3 months just so i could ask you out,

according to your rules.

I remember spending time with your family,

and playing with your nieces and nephews.

I remember playing scrabble and auction 45,

with you and your mom.

I remember sitting in your car,

and just randomly driving.

I remember our first kiss, and our last.

I just wanted you to know, i remember the good times we had,

and i wish they could last forever.

It just seems so long since i saw you last,

I wish you were right here with me.

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