breaking ties

As I try to shake off these whorish ways

That suppressed my blessings in so many ways

I fall short of the glory that is meant for me

Doing these things that no one sees

I pray for help in controlling myself

Since I can place the blame on no one else

That someday soon I can reject the urge

To indulge adultery and never purge

But to confess is to punish myself

While putting my needs up on a shelf

So I seep out knowledge of these escapades

In ways that would never escalate

The anger that would be directed at me

Thinking I gave up his punany

Keep it disguised, I sit on that prize

I don’t even let them beat it up with their eyes

But I like to see new ones, that’s my issue

Is it gonna spit now, do you need a tissue?

I am doing it again somebody lend me your willpower

So that hour after hour this wallflower can have staying power

So I can call me resistant, resilient and truly strong

Cuz I stopped indulging what looks so right and is so wrong

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