Goodbye Friend, Goodbye Brother

I'm sorry I won't be around for your next birthday,

But don't you shed a tear,

Remember and cherish all our times together,

And know that I truly care,

When we hug goodbye do it with a smile,

I won't be gone forever,

And don't you think I abandon my past,

I'll never forget you, never,

It's not like we'll never meet again,

I'll return to see you,

Don't cry, don't hang on, just say bye for now,

And yeah, I love you too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when I finished writing this, I shed exactly two tears before I stopped. I suppose one for my dear little brother, I know we will miss each other deeply, almost madly. And the other for my best friend Ladina, once again we will miss each other deeply, almost madly. This poem is on saying goodbye to those I love...ugh...more tears are following...

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