"Distant Days"

Alone I sit, thinking of you

Silently mourning memories passed.

Things we didnt say or didnt do

That made it to where we didnt last.

I think of all the laughs and tears

And I start to cry but I smile too.

I thought our friendship would last years

Cause we loved each other through and through.

But it seems to me that time ran out

And forces unknown pulled us apart.

And now the memories are all I think about

I want you to know, you're still in my heart.

And there is where you will always be

Painting pictures upon my distant mind.

Because you've become such a part of me

And that I love you is what I've come to find.

So let these distant days come and go

And let the sun set and rise again.

Let the moon shine and stars sparkle to show

That there is no ending for us my friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To so many distant days spent thinking of memories passed...-JM

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