Foolish Life

My tears stain red, my heart swears in vain

Slashes on my flesh to let blood dry my pain

I walk this earth unwilling, just breathing day by day

Yet suffocating with the torture of my foolish living stay

Forgive this young girl father, forgive my deadly being

Forgive my walks during cold nights, forgive me needing

Needing but attention, I long to get yet ignore

Scented flowers offer hugs, but all I give is gore

At times I seem amused, but what?s the actual word

I call it fake and gory, the words that slain me cursed

Is this really who I am, or a phase that fell upon me?

Is this whom I?m need to stay, or my soul calling for mercy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my friend Cynthia (same friend I dedicated "Sorrow" to)

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