Perfect Eyes

From behind red lids, those deep earthen eyes dare stare

encapture me, and tease me so with that gaze that you bear

Oh sweet seductress, just look at me, even if for a little while

the way your eyes dance with mine, the way they sparkle when you smile

I can see the sweat upon your brow, I know you're eager for my kill

but I'll keep pacing, round and round, for you to look at me still

hair sweeping gently across your face, across one eye it lingers

you pull it back so gracefully, with the softest of dainty fingers

your other hand still grasps the blade, with which you'll shed my blood

I can see the tear within that eye, soon to unleash the flood

for you can see the fear in my face, as I'm met with my demise

I kneel and accept my fate, under watch of your perfect eyes.

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