I'm Sure

White noise speaks to me

Reminds me who I thought I'd be

Tells me things I wish I'd done

The times I stayed, when I should have run

Do you remember these times too

I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure you do.

And every night I dream

And in every thought I seem

To recall the girl who got away

And hope to meet her again someday

To pretend as if we never knew

Don't you? I'm sure, I'm sure you do.

And when I'm old and dying fast

I'll look with pride at my past

And count the good against the bad

Weigh the happy against the sad

And I hope that I will still have you

Don't you? I'm sure, I'm sure you do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sure everyone has or will have that one special someone... don't ever let her go.

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Essence Scott's picture

my special someone attends lhs in lawrence twnshp nj....he was the first person who was older than me by two years...but he is my best friend