A Utopian Society Re-Echo


Praise to longetivity

For a Utopian Society

Pallisade walls from misery

In this Utopian society

Sing to the earth

Sing and be heard

Take one glance and thus begins

Only takes one fall and then your in

Foraging for endless days

Harvesting the sunlight's rays

A Utopian Society

Fill your glass to dignity

A proposal to peace, an end to thirst

Sing to the earth

Chasing dragons through the night

Smoking gemstones with delight

While singing praise to his majesty

Qui Se des ad dexteram Patris

In a Utopian Society

Every man is full and free

Not a heart without serenity

Sing to the earth

A Utopian society

Penance grows on every tree

Teardrops dance, then dry with glee

In a Utopian Society

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part II.

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