And Once Upon a Time

When Santa was real,
The bunny brought eggs,
Once upon a time,
When the world was nice.

An entire childhood,
Spent in solitude,
Loneliness all new,
Custom it was.

And once upon a time,
Love came and caused it,
The fall of what was,
And the creation of Utopia.

Dreams aren't forever.

If I could find that single rose,
Ever again that feeling,
Perfection; music flows freely.
A dream, is what it felt.

Shaking, trembling, wishing;
Still missing you,
Somewhere in the back of my mind.
Could it be, that I could not be without?

Thought to have changed,
Thought to have accepted,
Thought to have stopped,
Thought is all it was.

Music is what you were,
An Angel Incarnate,
Our Dream Life ,
Insanity that Followed.

Let me be free,
Let me be me,
Release my chains,
Send away sorrow.

And Once Upon A time,
I was a free mind,
I had a whole heart,

Given away,
Always the same,
Since that first time,
Since a perfect world.

And what could one desire,
But for the same thing?
Over and over,
The thoughts, the memories.

It's all dreams again,
Once more it plays,
Apathy controls,
And it's hard.

When you're cold,
From the past scars,
When you still have,
What we would call.

Repressed feelings.

All the things you said,
It all stays in my mind,
running through my mind,
I could only feel.

As if you had lied to me.

Hanging on tightly, forever,
you gasped,
Struggle for freedom,
And I fled.

Hate me,
Hurt me,
Want me,
I think I deserve it.

The only thing I can do,
Is feel that,
It hurts,
At least a feeling.

Turn up the music,
Feel it all over again,
Disgusting ectasy.
I cannot stop.

The Dark Angel,
Is his name,
And forever the one,
Of eternal unrest.

If I could find it,
And have it,
All emotion,
It is, and was, me.

One was who what used to be,
Desire again ,
Who one was once,
It was given away.

To a dream, eternal bliss,
That's what's been lost,
a personality,
a dream.

Trapped away forever,
In the back of the mind,
Falling apart,
Never to break.

What does one do,
when trapped,
mind a prison,
the memories the bars.

Set me free,
Please, you there,
You've fallen for me,
And I love you too.

Oh, how I wish you knew,
How I felt, how destroyed,
There's so much to love,
Let me live, again.

One lets another love,
and one loves again,
Another doesn't know,
One is trying hard.

Trying to recapture the heart,
To be given again to another,
To live the dream again,
And exist on music.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some of the more painful times. ;P

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