"To Outlast This Cold"

I love this blind and numbing cold

That would shake anyone else to the core.

It proves to me all things will grow old

But also that everything changes even more.

As fragile as the snow beneath my feet

But also as ever moving as the wind.

I know I will touch everyone I ever meet

And that with me so many peoples paths will begin.

Life is as untouched as new snow on the ground

But below that snow lay so many old tracks.

Silently recovered everytime the snow falls without sound

Letting us know that now there can be no turning back.

It teaches us to push through this blinding wall

That has already stopped so many people before.

It teaches us that in life everyone will always fall

But that those who succeed are those who push forward more.

So wipe the snow on your frozen eyelashes away

And lift yourself up slowly reaching for the sky.

Push forward through every hard night but love everyday

Always hold loved ones a little longer and never tell a lie.

Never hide away from the things you have always feared

Always lend a helping hand and once in a while be bold.

Dont be afraid to let people know your hurts or see your tears

If you try to live by these simple things, you will outlast this cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To outlast this cold....-JM

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