Taking little sreps

English poems

Memory so blurred would flash in your head

As you try to look back at a past you never had

It was unfair you thought that you were deprived

A chance to see your dad and with him a life

So you longed so much to be like most children

Each day you would wish that a miracle would happen

Let him be by your side, even for just a while

It was all you have wanted most your life

Never thought you would be just as strong

As the sister you have envied for so long

Lucky, she had met once your dad

Even though it was just a fad

It has been most your life, that you’ve learned to accept

Been through silent pain, now you took a step

And so you, like your sister took on a life instead

Better hope for what’s left, that’s what you did and lead

And to your family you held on for strength and love

Together as one in this life to prove

Every big step taken, now you move

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