Your perfect for me,

In every single way.

It's you that I think of,

At the end of each day.

You're perfect for me,

I hope I'm perfect for you.

Without you in my life,

I don't know what I'd do.

You're the perfect one,

The perfect one for me.

If I hadn't met you,

Where would my heart be?

I close my eyes,

And all I can see.

Is a vision of you,

Standing next to me.

We're the perfect match,

You and I.

If I didn't have you,

I think I'd die.

You say that you love me,

And I believe you really do.

All I can say in response,

Is that I love you too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

originally for an ex-girlfriend, that relationship ended about a year ago, i still like the poem though.

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