Today is the day that my life unfolds

This is the ending of the stories untold

Before my fire dies and before I burn out

I wish I could tell the many things I'm about

I've wanted to say so many things that I should

But I never have because I just never could

I've stayed up many days and even more nights

Trying to fix what we know should be right

I'm tired of putting on masks and not being me

I'm tired of being a person that I shouldn't be

My ability to love, like a battery, has died

Along with my dignity and since of self pride

Today is the day that my lonely words end

Today is the day that I've lost my true friends

I've lied too much of the wounds that are true

I've learned to live with them as I have with you

I've hidden the scabs that covered my heart

Now nothing more then a gently throbbing scar

Nearly twenty years down and the ending so near

I'm surprised by my feelings and my lack of fear

I'm comfortable again as my feelings slide out

My mind is erased of all pain and all doubt

My thoughts will slow down and eventually stop

But thats the beginning and thats what I want

I'll move out of town in my mind, in my heart

I've found my own spot where I must depart

The mornings are cool and the evenings are warm

The weather is calmer then the eye of the storm

We'll join together when the timing is right

But now it's just me and time for my flight

I'm tired of you drowning while I'm dying of thirst

I'm tired of being last when you are all somehow first

I hope you still know me when we meet again

But until that time comes, "Goodbye my dear friends"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was going to be my last poem.  but ive decided to make a small saga of poems before i go, they will stay in my main page for two days before going into their own folder.  i would like to thank everyone who inspired me and took interest in my poems.  hopefully i have in turn inspired others to write or to keep writing.  thank you all.  God bless and off the pig.  ~Tim Overcash

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