Comprehension of a Higher Power

Everything that has risen

Will rise, has fallen, and shall fall

Is all in all the work of this

Whose name I dare not call

Whose name is scantly audible

Through waves and crests of sound

I attest, this name will rest

With lost, but not the found

Those who seek, shall not find

And asking, a caustic reciept

For finding this name exists through pain

And losing what you seek to keep

This, the desideratum

The unnatainable tainted

For entitys who seek to entitle

Their every shadow painted

And sketch they must, to cover lusts

Yet cramp them into the craft

This ever increasing sanctuary

Fallible by the draft

Blown through the winds

By notions of men

Through brush, pastel, or pen

A picture declared

Yet STILL impaired

By blots and splotches of sin

This sin, impossilble to define

As complex things may be blind

The law of the painting can't be kept

If the oils are inept

With every person, lies a creed

Some used for good, some for greed

And argue we will, all in vain

For he above can see our pain

Omnipotent, and mighty he

Knowing where we might finish

Is it possible, that even through error

God understands every blemish?

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