Heaven's Door

Is it okay, if in you I confide?

I've got a lot of skeletons that I'm having difficulty trying to hide.

Mutated dreams twist through my mind,

I don't understand what I'm trying to find,

But something tells me that I'll find it in you,

If I just get you to listen I know that it's true.

Feed me drugs, feed me distortion,

Do anything you can to put me in proportion.

Falling, crawling, naming the whore,

She deserves nothing but the soiled floor.

Lost memories drowning in blood,

Replaced by nightmares covered in mud.

Self harm isn't the answer,

Not the answer for me,

I can almost picture your face giggling in glee.

I run, I hide,

From my weakness and shame.

But you are the one I will always blame.

I despise these dreams to the centre.

I hate you to the core.

Help me, please save me.

Show me Heaven's door.

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