Bailarina del salsa


The music begins and the rhythm moves through me.

I close my eyes and suddenly, there you are.

Dancing, moving in perfect harmony with the music, and I cannot think of anything else. You controll the whole of my concertration. The rhythmic swaying of full hips. Hair as dark as mahogney tossed around as soft curls fall onto a face with skin as rich as caramel. Eyes as dark as the deepest forest stare through me. And all I can say, the only words I can find are " You are beautiful". Forever in my heart, eternal in my mind. Mi mammacita, mi bailarina encantador del salsa; I sit and wait and impatiently anticipate the day you turn and dance just for me.

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Fantastic poem.  I had a

Fantastic poem.  I had a similar experience when I was a teenager back in 1975.  Your poem captures the feeling perfectly; and, like a time machine, transported me back to those exciting days.