Monthly Archive for December 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Christmas Delights Sonnet Poem Anonymous 3 Dec 7th
Still love again Poem EvieTravieAllie 4 break up, change, Hope, love, Passion Dec 7th
To My Beloved Poem nightlight1220 2 Larry Joe Prince Dec 7th
Phoenix Poem bishu Dec 7th
New Nitelight Poem bishu 8 Dec 7th
on your mind Poem L'exquisiteDouleur 2 Dec 7th
CAN YOU TELL ME HOW Poem miguelito7911 1 Dec 7th
Dovelight Poem nightlight1220 8 dove, post poems Dec 7th
In Our Infirmities Poem trumpet7 Dec 7th
Vessels of God Poem trumpet7 Dec 7th
I Hear My City Singing Poem hopelessly-candid 13 Dec 7th
The Accused Prose zacklearned 1 Dec 7th
Fuggy and Cashie. A Christmas Tale Prose owlcrkbrg 7 Dec 7th
Black Prose PurpleDragonfly #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #sadness # lonely Dec 7th
Daddy Poem Christina'sPoems 2 Dec 8th
The Perceived Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline 5 Dec 8th
Anxiety pill Poem Aaronshane 2 all-overs, Angst, ants in pants, apprehension, botheration, butterflies, Care, cold sweat, concern, creeps, disquiet, disquietude, distress, Doubt, downer, drag*, dread, fidgets, flap, foreboding, fretfulness, fuss, goose bumps, heebie-jeebies, jitters, jumps, misery, misgiving, Mistrust, nail-biting, Needles, nervousness, panic, pins and needles, restlessness, shakes, shivers, solicitude, Suffering, suspense, Sweat, trouble, uncertainty, unease, uneasiness, watchfulness, willies, worriment Dec 8th
Whatever It Takes Poem PoeticJustice209 6 Dec 8th
Night Fright Gone Poem nightlight1220 nightlight Dec 8th
Artistry Poem SSmoothie 5 Artistry Dec 8th
Seasons Like This Poem Khylawritia My God Dec 8th
BLIND Poem chris Dec 8th
EMOTIONAL CIRCUMFERENCE Poem palewingedpoetess 4 Dec 8th
If Only... Poem GodsLark 1 Dec 8th
blood Poem nightlight1220 4 Dec 8th
Blue Sky Poem Ceeclod 2 Dec 8th
Lilac Petals Poem DazedByLife Dec 8th
The Many Faces Of My Emotions Poem DazedByLife Dec 8th
Illumination Poem DazedByLife Dec 8th
You are the World that My Heart Returns to Poem KingofWords 2 You are My World Dec 8th
Fairytale Princesses Ruined My Childhood. Poem DreamingNightmares 3 Dec 8th
The Day The Music Died Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 8th
Remeber John Lennon Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 8th
Stand Up Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 8th
Anyone Else With Me? Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 8th
THE GRANDCHILDREN ARE COMING Poem joy grandparenting Dec 8th
Out On A Ledge Poem nightlight1220 6 ledges? Dec 8th
Calgon take me away... Poem schmuckjones Dec 8th
You, Perfect Murderer Poem EvieTravieAllie 6 emotions, family, Heart breaker, muderer, relationship, sad, warnings Dec 8th
I worry Poem BEC 6 Worry; Loss; Infinite; Time; Space; Self-Truth; Reality; Failure; Relationship; Success; Failure Dec 8th
Ghosts? Poem KingofWords Ghosts Dec 8th
Night Watchman Poem KingofWords Night Watchman Dec 8th
To See Nothing Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 8th
Sleepless Souls Poem KingofWords madness Dec 8th
2013 Thru These Old Eyes Poem rob_boyte longing, mature passion, remembrance, Young men, youth Dec 8th
Hold Out Your Hand Poem LovingLovelace 2 Dec 8th
stars appeared in an exhale Poem Morningglory 4 Dec 8th
I can hear you Poem unknownever crying, Pain, Screaming Dec 8th
Blue Bead Mountain Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Mysticism, Spirituality Dec 8th
Dusk of Scarlet Violet Indigo Poem eternalpoet1389 2 A spiritual poem, divine and mystical Dec 8th
Agony Poem Invisibletoall Dec 9th
Disgusted Poem Invisibletoall 2 Dec 9th
Father Talking to Son (Coming of Age) Poem eternalpoet1389 spiritualism, wisdom Dec 9th
Himalayan Alter (Life is a Circle) Poem eternalpoet1389 misticism, spiritualistm Dec 9th
O' Lovely Pain Poem GashMusic # desire # love # passion # relationship Dec 9th
Conifer Spirit Poem eternalpoet1389 Dec 9th
The Gathering Poem eternalpoet1389 spiritualism Dec 9th
Seahorse Poem eternalpoet1389 4 Spirituality Dec 9th
The Grace of Existence (Saint Francis in the Desert) Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Dec 9th
stoke extinguisher Poem fat_mike Dec 9th
Tears Poem RufousFilly 2 Dec 9th
Something good.. Something Classy Poem Invisibletoall 2 Dec 9th
Heart Poem bishu 4 Dec 9th
Bauliana Poem KingofWords 4 Bauliana Dec 9th
Catch a Dream Poem bishu 6 Dec 9th
Mindshattered Poem ReilaMorello 2 Breaking insanity twisting warping helping healing screaming pain agony misery Dec 9th
Winter Poem KingofWords 2 winter Dec 9th
ECHOES Poem joy Dec 9th
Inheritance Poem Saachi 2 Dec 9th
Throwing Stones Into A Raging River Poem mookamok Dec 9th
Ancient Ice Poem mookamok 1 Dec 9th
Epigram Wth Mixed Metaphors Poem Starward Dec 9th
Epigram To J. V. Cunningham Poem Starward Dec 9th
Goodbye Poem KingofWords Goodbye Dec 9th
Dark Star Poem nightlight1220 3 dark stars Dec 9th
Frog Kisses Poem Anonymous 2 Dec 9th
Clarie: Girls Poem millyardo # addiction # love # passion Dec 9th
Frog Serenade Sonnet Poem Anonymous 4 Dec 9th
In the beginning... Poem JessH Dec 9th
Dark alleys and fading lights. Poem NathanielPaw Dec 9th
Let me written by dovely Poem SSmoothie Dovely Dec 9th
Holiday Rush Poem allets 2 Dec 9th
The Night Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 9th
A redo: Ordinary pearls of love Poem SSmoothie 1 SSmoothie Dec 9th
YES I CAN Poem chris Dec 9th
OUR OWN PRIVATE PURGATORY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Dec 9th
ACCEPTANCER Poem chris Dec 9th
Special person Prose love2express 1 love #unrequited love #relationships Dec 9th
drink up Prose craigyw Dec 9th
questions Prose craigyw Dec 9th
Answers Poem stowizz Life Dec 10th
Answers Poem stowizz Life Dec 10th
Where No Poet Has Gone Ever Poem allets 2 Dec 10th
I Fear Love Poem EmmaMegRobertson Desires, Fear, love Dec 10th
Beer Foam In A Strange Glass Poem allets 2 Dec 10th
Live Infinitely. Poem EmmaMegRobertson Happiness, Life, love Dec 10th
White Pine Against Scarlet Sunset (My Heart is Breaking) Poem eternalpoet1389 love Dec 10th
Will you still love me tomorrow? Poem EmmaMegRobertson love, old age Dec 10th
Moon When Acorns Appear Poem eternalpoet1389 Dec 10th
Moon of Popping Trees Poem eternalpoet1389 6 love Dec 10th
Moon of Falling Leaves Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Dec 10th
Will you still love me tomorrow? Part 2 Poem EmmaMegRobertson love, old age Dec 10th
Revered Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Dec 10th
Terpsichore Poem eternalpoet1389 1 Dec 10th
MY ODE TO A SELF PROPOSED ETERNAL POET Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Dec 10th
My Dreams Poem EmmaMegRobertson dreams, love, Terrible Rhyming Dec 10th
Beautifully Slept Poem mylovep0etry 1 Dec 10th
untitled Poem Junglebook the veil Dec 10th
Guardian Angel Poem DreamingNightmares 2 Dec 10th
Repercussions Poem dampsoup # addiction # love # dissapointment Dec 10th
endless thoughts Poem thephilosopher 3 funny, Good, Humor, laugh, love, smile, thinking, Thoughts, through, tongue twister Dec 10th
Sadness Poem KingofWords 4 sadness Dec 10th
Shepherds Or Sheep (Which Would You Rather Be) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 10th
Inner City Dreams Poem KG2151 Inner City Dreams Dec 10th
# MY PHILOSOPHY Poem joy criticism Dec 10th
BLEEDING FROM A HEART Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, GIRL. LONDON Dec 10th
The kinda numb after that feeling Poem SSmoothie 1 Dec 10th
Voodoo Poem bishu 3 Dec 10th
My first post Poem Nine_years_to_t... My first posted poem, you've got to love that somehow. Dec 10th
A Cold World. Poem sweetwater 2 Dec 10th
WINTERS GOWN Poem heatherburns35 1 Dec 10th
WINTERS GOWN Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
WINTERS GOWN Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
WINTERS GOWN Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
WINTERS CHILL Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
WINTERS CHILL Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
WINTERS CHILL Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
Bathe Poem roboam33 Dec 10th
Darkness to Bliss Poem Gorpus 1 Love Depression Dark Dec 10th
Whirlpools Poem ReilaMorello 2 Piercing pain ripping pulling despair drowning choking mind mental thoughts emotions Dec 10th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Dec 10th
Shakedown Prose darkpool 3 Dec 10th
PIT... HOLES Prose K.D 1 Dec 10th
Regret... Prose K.D 1 Dec 10th
ADDISON (ADDY) Poem heatherburns35 Dec 11th
Alcyone's Mirror Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 11th
The Sun, the Stars, the Moon, and the Sea Poem eternalpoet1389 spiritualism Dec 11th
The Eternal Procession Poem eternalpoet1389 Dec 11th
Myth of Tollan Poem eternalpoet1389 Mysticism, spiritualism Dec 11th
The First Rain Poem eternalpoet1389 Mysticism, Spirituality Dec 11th
Calling From The Winter Poem sirazeed 1 death, missed, Old, past, winter Dec 11th
IX Chel Poem eternalpoet1389 Mysticism, Spirituality Dec 11th
Zosimos in the City of Panopolis at Dusk Poem eternalpoet1389 Dec 11th
Icaro Poem eternalpoet1389 3 Dec 11th
Puja Ceremony Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Dec 11th
In My Weakness Poem trumpet7 Dec 11th
F*** It! Poem ReilaMorello 3 Happy Hilarious Over it Done Dec 11th
Paths Poem ReilaMorello 1 friendship friends paths walk walking carry carrying burdens treasure cherish Dec 11th
Alone Poem poemwriter17 1 Sonnet Dec 11th
Nuestra sinfonía Poem Giorgio56 Dec 11th
Find The Strength To Stand Alone Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 11th
Angels and Demons Poem Riddle 4 Dec 11th
AN ODD LOT. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Dec 11th
Home Away From Home Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 11th
In The Quiet Of The Night Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 11th
TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE Poem joy Christmas commercialism Dec 11th
Snake Charmer Poem KingofWords Snake Charmer Dec 11th
Live Fast Poem dancergirlrox Adventure, dream, Life, love Dec 11th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Dec 11th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Dec 11th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Dec 11th
WAITING Poem heatherburns35 Dec 11th
Please! Poem DesertDreamer Dec 11th
Posting thoughts Poem Nine_years_to_t... Thoughts Dec 11th
ROPE Poem AngryLaughter Dec 11th
Cursed Poem DesertDreamer 2 Dec 11th
Be Glad Poem allets Dec 11th
BORED AND HOT. Poem Dadio boy, girl, love, Passion Dec 11th
Mr. Bishu of Kolkata Poem KingofWords 2 Mr. Bishu Dec 11th
A Muse Poem allets 4 Dec 11th
Encantar Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Dec 11th
Silence Poem DarkLight Dec 11th
ALICE'S LOVE Poem Dadio father, girl, love, loveless, mother Dec 11th
Merry Christmas, Mom Poem randyjohnson 1 christmas, mom, mourning, Nonfiction Dec 11th
price of kindness Prose K.D 1 Dec 11th
gate way Prose K.D 1 Dec 11th
The Calm After the Storm Prose K.D 2 Dec 11th
time is ...change Prose K.D 2 Dec 11th
Remember Remember the 8th of November Poem barbiegogo # addiction # love # passion # relationship # struggles Dec 12th
Karma Tastes Like Poison Poem pinkdot7 7 Dec 12th
Happiness is... Poem ReilaMorello 3 Mother Mom music happiness ice moon moonlight midnight clear cold quiet Dec 12th
try not to panic Poem BabycakesBeeblebrox Dec 12th
try not to panic Poem BabycakesBeeblebrox Dec 12th
A Little Child Poem Sickyx666 child, Cthulhu, Evil, father, Good, little Dec 12th
Books for Love Poem timbiondollo 5 Dec 12th
THE ETERNAL WHY Poem Dadio 1961, boy, girl, GRAVESIDE Dec 12th
The Park Poem thelohaspiral Dec 12th
Feed Your Light Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 12th
True Peace Starts Within Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 12th
POLITICALLY CORRECT CHRISTMAS CAROLS Poem joy Christmas Carols, Politically correct christmas carols Dec 12th
Voices Poem angelic Judgement depression selfharm suicde Dec 12th
ALICE AND THE TOWER. Poem Dadio father, girl, Tower Dec 12th
Even on the brightest day. Poem Elfy happy Dec 12th
STOLLEN KISSES Poem Sunmaiden 2 Funny Poem Dec 12th
THE BABE Poem Sunmaiden Inspirational Dec 12th
Beneath the Sheets Poem timbiondollo Dec 12th
Day Wanderer Poem timbiondollo Dec 12th
Silent Orchestra Poem EvieTravieAllie 2 beautiful, break up, confused, Danger, demise, Listen, love, Music, Young Dec 12th
Knotted Men Poem timbiondollo 3 Dec 12th
Scrapyard Confetti Poem mack619 Falklands, KIA, PTSD, remembrance, War Dec 12th
Heart attack Poem DesertDreamer 5 Dec 12th
Going Up Poem allets Dec 12th
One Two, Write A Shoe Poem allets 2 Dec 12th
Young heart Poem Zaz 2 Dec 12th
Popsickles On Ice Patches Poem allets Dec 12th
Faith Leap Poem allets 2 Dec 12th
Hardship Poem AllisonSchoelPoet #alone, #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #COntent #Hopeless #Romantic #Okay, #butterflies, #Hardship, #love Dec 12th
Karma Poem allets Dec 12th
My Poem Poem AllisonSchoelPoet #my, #poem, #question, #uninteresting Dec 12th
The Norman Bates Song Poem ramonathompsont Dec 12th
Thoughts Poem AllisonSchoelPoet #feelings #love #thoughts #freestyle #poem Dec 12th
Weather Poem AllisonSchoelPoet a drink of water, day, Mist, rain, rainy, weather Dec 12th
Irrepressible Sadness Poem willieboy69 1 bitch, Care, crushed, Depression, desire, Evil, Hate, heart, hurt, hurtful, lost, love, mean, sad, sadness, Vengeful, vengence, woman Dec 12th
Ruby Red Slipper Poem joshmyler 2 # addiction # love # passion # relationship # Metaphor Dec 12th
Seeking Sounds Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Dec 12th
If You Fall Poem joshmyler # addiction # love # passion # relationship # struggles Dec 12th
Johnny boy Prose craigyw 4 Dec 12th
what do i do? Prose zemen1999 1 Dec 12th
Take A Breath Poem joshmyler 2 # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #friendship #hope Dec 13th
Unnoticed Poem PurpleDragonfly 3 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Dec 13th
Finding Happiness Poem metaphorist Dec 13th
Catcus Flower Poem metaphorist Dec 13th
In the Aftermath Poem metaphorist Dec 13th
Disposable Poem metaphorist Dec 13th
Demons Poem metaphorist Dec 13th
A Touch of Red Poem allets 7 Dec 13th
Lilly Poem jwright87 #cutting #depression #deep #sad Dec 13th
Held Under Glass Poem jwright87 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting #upset #feeling #years #secret #mind #inside #letitout Dec 13th
Senior Citizens Poem KingofWords 6 Senior Citizens Dec 13th
FEEL THE NEED. Poem Dadio girl, loss, love, man Dec 13th
Which Do You Believe? Poem poemwriter17 2 Dec 13th
Happy Friday The 13th Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
Robbie Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 13th
IS THIS PROGRESS? Poem joy Television yesterday and today Dec 13th
CHRISTMAS BELL Poem Sunmaiden 1 Holiday Dec 13th
‘COMPLACENCY PUTS YOU DOWN’ Poem pbenarumairaj Complacency makes you pay very heavily Dec 13th
Footnote: Holiday Scents Poem Starward Dec 13th
Petal My Page Poem Anonymous 2 Dec 13th
Tip Poem Sansimi 2 love, relationships Dec 13th
The poet Poem Sansimi Betrayal, love, relationship Dec 13th
No sonnets Poem Sansimi 2 love, POETRY, relationship, Shakespeare Dec 13th
rambling on Prose craigyw Dec 13th
Smothered in blue Prose Sansimi 6 Depression, Hate, love Dec 13th
The process. Poem SSmoothie 2 Dec 14th
More than Just Another Memory Poem RoC 3 Dec 14th
Battle Soldier Poem bishu 2 Dec 14th
Unfinished (Rough Draft) Poem timbiondollo 2 Dec 14th
THERE TODAY Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl, love, School Dec 14th