time is ...change

you ever wonder....

how long it takes to change a life..

what measure of time is enough..

to be life altering..

is it four years like high school

or one year...

can your life change in a month..

or a week..

or a single day..

were always in a hurry..

to grow up..

to go places..

to get ahead..

but when your young

one hour can change everything.

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I love this. All morning I've

I love this.

All morning I've been stuck with a thought

"how long does it take before a part of your life becomes

only a part of your history" 

But this is great, maybe I need to slow down and wait..


Thank you

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time is change:



Take time to grow up, let circumstances briefly change, not yourself. Everything is fleeting enough in life. Liked your poem a true ponder on how time passes and everything can change, without the customary extreme worrying. It is good to ponder now and again.