The First Rain

Upon a lonely shoreline appeared the rivulet of a shadow emerging from beyond the reeds.  A wraith-like silhouette.  Viracocha emerged from whirling mists dressed as a common beggar.  His long gray hair and unkept beard disguising his wizened ageless face.  His loose white robes flowing in the enchanted breeze.  The creator’s sandals seemed magical.  As if to make him weightless like a feather.  He rose up through the darkness ascending out of Lake Titicaca.  His soul blissfully expanding.  A lucent blanket of light extending outward into the atmosphere.  In the afterglow of sparkling twilight.  Where energy crackles luminous like thunderbolts.  He sat prostrate.  Meditating under a canopy of sacred eucalyptus.  Silence coalesced in a valley of indescribable beauty.  Under the distant shadow of blurry snow capped peaks.  A presence was suddenly detected.  A beautiful fragrance.  A melodic sound.   The creator god’s aura erupted in beautiful neon pastels.  In the solace of the startling predawn.  Where his consciousness flowed like a thick substance through the Peruvian forest.  His thoughts echoed as if in an ancient chamber.  Visions of the feathery serpentine god Quetzalcoatl appeared in lightning-like flashes.  A green mask.  Russet lips.  Emerald eyes.  A yellow profile, and a beard of feathers.  The shallow waters of the lake were suddenly stirred by an unseen force.  There is a sudden sense of birth.  An intense trajectory of light.  A moment of creation. Transformation.  The blossoming of a flower.  A sun-like aureole suddenly adorned his head like a crown.  He grasped two staves as they fell from the sky.  In the distance the gateway of the sun converged.  Extravagant cougars, pumas, condors, falcons and snakes adored him like disciples.  They reverently swarmed around the god in humble anticipation.  I can still feel your breath in the stones.  Your thoughts flowing through the rivers.  Your wisdom immense like the foamy Pacific.  As the emerging world pulsates with youthful energy. Giving birth to the universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the sea. Tears burst forth from Viracocha’s eyes like a flood.  Showering the earth in its first rain. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually wrote this for a musical piece my friend Andy Lee created, the music was entitled "The First Rain".  I did the spoken word, the music is lost now-a file erased by accident!

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