A Cold World.

She sits there, alone and lonely.



She was young once,

Her hopes and dreams

Winged their way around her head

Like brightly coloured birds.

To her family she was devoted.

Her parents and their parents too

lived within her happy life,

And shared the family home.

When I am old she told herself

I want this for my own.


Older she grew,

And with her, the birds flew.

They brought to her a famly.

Now hopes and dreams

Were wrapped around

With kisses, hugs and loving words.


Now old she's grown,

In her family home.

But with famly near no more.

Her future once so safe, so sure,

So like those soaring birds.

Now lies crushed and broken,

Upon the silent floor.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thinking about all the changes to family life, once "family" was all important and the older gereration were looked after within the family unit. Now the older generation are left behind when families move away, or forgotten in nursing homes. Such a sad end for those who have given up dreams and given years of their lives caring for those they gave birth to.

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A cold world.

Love your style of poetic rendition. The seven year old today, will certainly become seventy seven years tomorrow, if the heavens favours his or her life span. Success!

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Thank you for reading my

Thank you for reading my poem, your comments are much appreciated. :-) X