One day God made a tiny babe

all pink and pearly white

with auburn curls upon her head

and eyes as dark as night

Tiny dimples in her cheeks

a sweet smile on her face

and then He said to angels near

have you found her a place

This is  a special child, you know

this one will never hear

I've made her ears quite dim and dull

so her folks will keep her near

I've filled her heart with special love

please tell her parents so

for she will bring such joy and peace

it will cause their sould to grow

Two tiny chubby precious arms

to hold them close at will

an angwl voice to tell them of her love

so their hearts with joy will fill

Now they will have to learn some special gifts

patients, understanding and great love

for it will quite difficult

to raise this small one from above

Her life will be quite different

for friends will be hard to find

she'll have a lot of hurt in life

for most folks won't be kind

But oh, the blessings she will bring

this special little child

for she'll be ike a shining star

with manners meek and mild

And she'll return to me quite soon

for her years on earth will be few

for such a special child as this

I have many things for her to do

And for her loved ones left behind

on that distant place down there

I'll send comfort for their grieving hearts

for the sorrow they must bare

And then a shining angel dressed in gold

held her tenderly

and brought her down to this old earth

and handed her to me

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