Daddy I have known you for a very long time,
Almost twenty-three years now,
Ever since I was a wee little thing.

Daddy for the first three years of my life,
You and mommy worked while grandma watched me,
She raised me for thought three years during the day.

Daddy when you would get off work,
You would come to pick me up from grandmas,
You would lay on the floor with me there and play.

Daddy after mommy stopped working she would stay home with me,
She would rase me from here on out,
And you would be the working man.

Daddy for as long as I have known you you have been a working man,
But sometimes I think you work to hard,
Maybe its time to take a brake from it all and get away somehow.

But daddy now that your sick and not awake,
I miss you bunches,
I wish you to wake up daddy because I love you.

And Daddy you have always been there for me no matter what,
No matter if I had made a big or small mistake in my life,
You would always be there for me.

And now daddy its my turn to be there for you,
To care for you while your sick,
Wo conferte you and hold you.

So Daddy please for me,
And my little brother,
Please wake up!

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This poen was writen on Dec. 3, 2013

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I am touched deeply. I have

I am touched deeply. I have worked with comatose, semi comatose, and developmentally disabled all my life. Hold his hand, if he can open his eyes, look into them....often. Talk about what you see from him, what you feel from him. Talk talk talk all the time around him. Ask him one small thing slowly ...the same thing every day. Every day every day over and over until you see any slight subtle notice of movement. Give him time. Ask your questions and say words slowly and look into his eyes. Feel good when you are with him so that he too feels it. Let him smell things he liked.... oh I wish you so very much luck. ♡♥♡

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Thank you so very much for

Thank you so very much for commenting, I would like to give you an update, he came out of the coma and by Jan 2014 was back to normal, none of the dr's could find out why he went into the coma or what even caused it but it has now been a year and he is doing great now.