Moon of Popping Trees

How cold

How cold is your heart

In the moon

Of popping trees

Entrapped in bitter

Tendrils of ice

And snow

Crystalline flakes

That melt

With each smile

And refection

From your beautiful

Mysterious coyote eyes

As cottonwoods

Shatter and break

In the winter snows

And frost fields

That buffaloes trample

In a silent fragile stampede



Her eyes

Are the eyes of winter

They reflect oblivion

Chaos, love

And the embers

Of smoldering

January fires

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Man, your works just keep

Man, your works just keep drawing me in. Words that really seem to speak to my spirit. Love!

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks Healingwoman-glad to

Thanks Healingwoman-glad to hear it!!

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This poem of mine was inspired by reading your work........

here it is I hope you don't mind...........but I know we poets love inspiration and to be inspired







I met a man

in the cradle of his poetry

for a quill he used but a twig

with his broad mind

he painted horizons

wondering all the way to the sea

from ground floor to terrific tree line

his lines spoke extensively 

in so few words he revealed

so much

a new day's dawn, a wolf's

fearsome grin, a child's laugh

a tiger's touch

with but his talent

he let me loose in fields

of fauna and floral

the like I'd barely seen

and in a weave of hypnotic grace

he brought them all to life

so brilliantly for my eyes to read

and now as I reflect on just what

he has shared

my eagerness watches for

his future poetic emergence

from shimmering pools of such vast

cognitive serenity.................

(Dec. 9, 2013 845pm)





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Thank you so much Pale Winged

Thank you so much Pale Winged Poetess!!  I'm so happy my words were able to inspire you to write something so beautiful!!  I loved it!  As you know, there is nothing better than to have the feeling that the poetry you write is appreciated and acts as a catalyst in someone else's creative endeavors!!  Your poem was well written and very thoughtful-thanks so much for taking the time to write this gem!!

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Nice way to say it,

Nice way to say it, Melissa... His words have been resonating well with me too. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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I read all 14 of your poems............

I truly enjoyed your way of writing. Do post some more......... sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.