Pied Piper

Without meaning, emotion, in the chill of the wavering moment,

cold breath meets my skin.

From behind? Above? A panicked twirl leads me to nothing,

and yet, so fresh, is the feel of you.

I watch my breath dance on the air.

Drifting. Floating. Disperse.

Like a mouse to the piper my being is drawn to you.

A you I cannot find.

Do my empty words simply waft into nothing?

The call of your name swallowed by the winter gut.

And never again shall I hear the lullaby escape the grasp of your sweet lips.

No more. It's all, no more.

Like a dream, you came, your song oh so melodious.

Like a dream, you left, leaving a broken orchestra.

To the flute of the piper, I carry on.

On to my phantom love.

My everything.

The piper. 

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