And Christina
hadn't seen Benedict
on the sports field
the day before


and school without
seeing him
was a long haul
of boredom


and frustration
and even
to go down
school passageways


between lessons
and not get
a peek of him
was stomach churning


with other girls
on about this
and that
and she only


wanting a peek
of him
to carry home with her
to hug and hold


in her bedroom
but today
in lunch recess


he was there
on the sports field
with that fiend of his
and she thought


he hadn't seen her
and he was wandering
the field with his friend
and they were laughing


and she so wanted
for him to turn
and see her
sitting there


on the grass
with a bunch of girls
and them laughing
and giggling


about matters
when he turned
and saw her
and she felt


her whole being
explode inside
and a rush
of feelings


flooded her
so that she was sure
she'd peed herself
with it all


and he came over
and said
didn't see you there
come let's go


for a walk and
so she got up
unsure if her legs
would hold her


what with the body
having exploded
like it had
and she went with him


and he lingered
near her
and their hands
were near


and she didn't want
to seem forward
and hold his hand
but deep inside


she wanted
to hold his hand
and kiss it
and squeeze it


and take it home
with her
but she just
let it hang there


near his
and he spoke
of being off
the day before


through illness
and that
he was ok today
and he laughed


and said
did you miss me?
and she said no
and laughed too


but god the words
clung to the roof
of her mouth
and she had to


push them out
and he said
he thought of her
laying there


unwell in his bed
and she thought
how she'd have
hugged him


had she been there
how she would have
sweated the illness
out of him


but she didn't say it
but smiled
and felt her insides
turning and turning


and he said
he dreamed of her
and she said
what did we do?


and he said
sure I cant' say
and blushed
and she touched


his hand as they
came to the fence
around the field
and it was electrifying


and her heart
seemed to thump itself
against her tit
and O how hot


it felt being there
she feeling all
so in love
and a slight wind


moved his quiff
of brown hair.

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