Stinking rancid mess of chocolates

An explosion of comfort and literacy

Whilst the boy below my window sill

Endures his splendor deprived legacy


Blame him? He who was compelled

To hold a gun to his neighbor’s head.

Why was he robbed of inheritance?

That I casually waste sans dread.


Fate has no right to rot his youth

In ceaseless starvation and dejection

His outstretched hands must sustain

Malleable muddled masses’ rejection.


Which cherubic undertaking of mine?
What heinous crime did he commit?

Do I deserve His share of inheritance?

Who shall adjudge, on what merit?

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a.griffiths57's picture

Crime and punishment!? Always

Crime and punishment!? Always an emotive issue, yet we are alll capable of violence no matter how much we abhor it. Your writing in this poem creates strong images of the desolation of human behavoiur, I like your poem very much. It is also well written.

allets's picture

When The Mind Thinks Deeply

...great poems are the result - heart piercing images - and yes, we are all culpable - be well, ~Allets~