Take A Breath

It's what you are

Afraid to start

Cover up the scars

That you cannot hide

Take a breath, I'll be your guide

Follow me back to the light


Face this fear

Nothing's clear

Just stay here

Why are you searching for answers

Let it go



Your fear is spreading the cancer


It's what we are

Broken hearts

Let me see the scars

That you keep inside

Take a breath, your tears will dry

Walls once between us fade from sight


Lost inside

Afraid to try

Do not hide

You're such a lovely lonely sight

Dry your tears

I'll be here

Just stay near

I'm by your side and I'm sincere


I see your heart

Every Part

Leave behind the scars

Filled with hope inside

Take a breath, let's turn the tide

I know we can make it all right

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Take a breath:

I hope you and your dismayed to be lover make it. I liked your poem particularly the last verse, it sums up the whole poem so explanatively. A good read and well written.




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Your comment on Take A Breath

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my poem, I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad you liked it!


Josh Myler