The Gathering

Finally unafraid, unmasked

I enter the room silently, unnoticed

Moonlight splinters the void, the chasm

The constellations that make up my corona

Shine brightly over terra nova tonight

As I infiltrate the vastness of cloud forest

Permeating this mighty Amazonian vision

Obsidian, bronze the river flows, chokes


I am the fragile ghost of South America

I am the listless wraith of North America

Haunting the landscapes in yearning

And eternal restlessness

That I might look up to the stars

And remember, just remember the faces

Of ancestors that now roam the heavens


It is above canyons, and western mountain tops

Where the gathering obscured lush blue skies, cloaking

Sacred feathers spiraled, caressing breezes, descending

Wings outstretched, shimmering, melting in sunlight

I speak of the glorious eagle, the majestic condor, the myths and rumors

A communion under golden rays, afternoon warmth, gliding

Penetrating a thousand mystic dawns and unearthly dusks

Soaring into the stuff of prayers, echoing through valleys

Spilling, swimming across the divine firmament

Like a joyous school of dolphins, playful, careening

Unhindered, clouding out the day, a metamorphosis

Left in beautiful wake, the shadow

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