Beautifully Slept

Did I ever tell you about the time I fell in love with your beauty?

You fell asleep one night so peaceful and gracefully

As our skins gently touched, a fire and desire for you lit

I watched your body movements carefully

hoping as you slept, you dreamt of me.

You slowly inhaled and exhaled the oxygen we both shared 

in a rhythmic melody that played so softly to me

and I….

I just gazed at you, inhaling more reasons to fall in love with your beauty

That night; I wanted you in a way I couldn’t resist,

I found myself wanting to wake you up so bad

but I didn’t, because I wanted to remember you, just like this
so peaceful and vulnerable, 
In a space & time where nothing but you existed

Caught up in admiration

I initiated our deepest conversation…..

As you slept
I placed my head on your chest

And discovered that your heart beats 5 seconds faster than me
so whenever I heard yours beat, mine responded urgently

That night, without a word, you swept me off my feet

And on 

That night,

Without knowing,

I fell in love with you,

While you were sleep.

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