The Park

Sitting on the bench, I take a break from skating,

Like hmmm, should I check my phone I’m debating,

Like hmmm, I know damn well there isn’t a missed call, a new text message,

Check it anyways, suspicion validated, hope nothing but a vestige,

Sit here some more, look around me, maybe someone will appear,

Squint my eyes into the night, see nothing, is that someone I hear,

No, it’s not, back to the dilemma at hand,

I can’t get away, it’s myself I can’t stand,

I long for that new connection, that wonderful one,

Getting restless, every failure, like that’s it – I’m done,

False positives all around me, cannibalism as they chomp on my positivity,

Like I guess masochism, may just be my strongest proclivity,

The same routine, the meta-routine, thinking about the routine during it,

Like hmmm, my crappy medications, like placebos they aren’t curing shit,

Need to find a nice bar, need to realize that apparently this is an oxymoron,

Need to separate myself from my mind, hinges present but without any door on,

Time to jump in the pool, it has to be about 40 degrees,

For a split second, the frigid water, my mind it’ll seize,

Thinking about, the neon yellow stuff this penis pees,

Need more water, fine, I can deal with that,

Go home, close my eyes, pretend I’m a cat…

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