In My Weakness

In My Weakness


One day at a time in Jesus, so that all others shall know,

Just how He does guide us, in and through all will we go,

As God helps in our weakness, that His Grace Can show,

As He strengthens each of us, in ways only He can know.


God helps me through today, as tomorrow I’ve yet to see,

Sustaining me in every way, with strength afforded to me,

Knowing I am made from clay, I focus at times on eternity,

Knowing what God does say, He alone knows what will be.


I am given strength and power, as I walk with Jesus Christ,

Helping me every day and hour, in the darker times of life,

Grace on me, God will shower, in that day filled with strife,

Leaning on sustaining power, I am calmed by Jesus Christ.


Christ fills every day with grace, even in that darkest night,

As He leads me place to place, He guides me in His Light,

Walking every day by faith, relying upon Him not my sight,

Sustained not only by Grace, but, held up by God’s Might.


I know that in my weakness, I’ll be sustained wherever I go,

So I continue on day by day, knowing God is here with me,

Granting His grace and power, by the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

God is with me in every place, guiding me fully in His Light.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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