Swallow me, the churning sea

The dark stars and tidal waves

That threaten me, sweep over me

Restless surface, disturbs my soul

To the god Shiva I offer up

My utter dissolution, destruction


Everything is predicated

On the rising of the seahorse

On the sharpened prickly spears

Of the carbon black sea urchin

That shatters the firmament

And the endless gray coastline

That haunts my heart eternally


Swim with me, set me free

The fractured shattered oblivion

Such as this, these dolphin years

Dreams of a silver crescent moon

Slivers that descend unknown depths

And call out to forgotten mythic titans


Everything is as it should be

Death defies the rotting cetaceans

Littering beaches like trampled ants

Yet we shall never decay or fade away

Animal spirits spilling from earth’s naval

Rainbow warriors to heal the wounds

And teach the sacred ways once more


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Another of yours has drawn my

Another of yours has drawn my attention. Perhaps because I finally meditated today after a long stint without. Your words seem to speak to my reawakened spirit. :)

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It's always hard to get back

It's always hard to get back into meditation after not doing it for awhile, the mind seems to just wander!!!

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yeah, seems so easy to make

yeah, seems so easy to make exuses not to. But my practice was only 20 minutes, twice a day. There shouldn't be excuses! 'course, I still find them.... living on the road these days so it's even easier to come up with them. Hope to see more of your work on here. :)

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An image of death that is very poignant. Not a poem for enjoying, one for contemplating. ~A~