Throwing Stones Into A Raging River

Throwing stones into a raging river


I wouldn’t say be careful

It’s just not my style

Neither would I say “even God can’t sink this ship”

Into the ears of a little child

If I was given fortune, fame and popularity

You wouldn’t hear me say “I’m more popular than Jesus Christ”

Because a bullet I might see

If I saw a sunset, a sunrise or a rainbow in the sky

I wouldn’t thank “Mother Earth” or even “Father Time”

When I take a walk in the woods, climb a mountain or sail a sea

I would never thank random chance for doing this for me

If I was to hold a newborn baby

Whether boy or girl or both

Whether mine or someone else’s

Whether with or without oath

The last thing on my mind

The last thing I would think

Would be how could something so perfect

Come out of the kitchen sink

If I was to sail to Galapagos

Or dive on some tropical coral reef

How could I possibly raise my hands to the sky

And worship “Time” as my master and chief

When I want to philosophize

About the deep things going around in my head

I would never write a book to the world

Just to proclaim “God is dead”

If I was to achieve world powers

So that I could control all the news

Why would I waste my time and energies

Just to brutally murder six million Jews

So I guess what I’m saying

What I might be trying to imply

Is if you don’t understand something

You might want to look up to the sky

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