The Sun, the Stars, the Moon, and the Sea

You ask for a sacred sign

The clouds come like citadels

Remnants of some ancient empire

Yet I remember your eyes..

Your profile like some porcelain statue

Moonlight shines through the curtains of your window

Each star luminous in this immense cathedral of the universe

I can still hear the far off sound of the waves crashing on the Pacific beach

The yellow sun glowing in the immensity of Peruvian vacations in summer

You whisper gently to remember

“The sun, the stars, the moon, and the sea”

The evenings with you seemed to flow with agelessness

Ethereal music caring us to different lands and luminous worlds

Sleep descending like a shadowy veil enshrouded in unforgettable melodies

Bathed in the far off glimmer of a flickering night-light

Some nights we would listen to the calming sound of raindrops flowing downward like a raging river

Scattered books littered your floor like some ancient secret library

These evenings I will remember with warmth and a golden aura

As they merge into an endless crisp memory through the passing of time


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one of the first poems I wrote -it started out my first book. 

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