Heart attack

You're twitching.

You're sweating.

You're coughing.

You're hacking.

You've pissed you pants.

But what did I do?

I sat there.

I stared.

I knew what was happening.

You're having a heart attack.

That's number four.

You're an asshole.

You're abusive.

I don't care about you.

I never cared.

And as I sit there,

I cry.


I cry because that's how I'll die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh. Just a poem about my abusive father. I've tried to get away. Hasn't worked. And now I'm sitting here in the hospital. posting this.

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eternitywhispers's picture

speaks  a lot. amazing.

speaks  a lot. amazing.

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Thanks!     <3, Desert





Desert Dreamer

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~

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Loved it.

Truly an example of "bittersweet". Take care.

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I Am Speechless

Heavy heart at Christmas - You think what you want to think. When he is gone, let his actions go with him to rot and not live in the real world ever again via your mind. Take it back. It's yours, not his. Happiness must be yours as if it were the only vengance possible! Before God, he will be accountable. Not you. ~Allets~




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Thanks. I have no idea how to

Thanks. I have no idea how to correctly respond to that.

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~