Puja Ceremony

It was at the puja ceremony

That you first appeared

Your scarlet dress softly scented

In the aroma of blossoming flowers

And the spicy fragrance of incense

Long wisps of dark hair protruded

From the sparkling profile of a veil

Leaving tiny shadows that drifted

Upon the most radiant skin of youth

Unearthly eyes took a moonlit shape

Enormous like an Owl’s wizened stare

It was under a gorgeous sacred tree

That we chanted such magnificent mantras

We practiced our mudras and meditations

And carefully studied the most ancient texts

Magical verses came to life before our eyes

In the divine pages of the Vedas and Upanishads

Quietly, in the silence of afternoon splendor

We fell into a dream, or ethereal trance

In this we watched an eternal cycle rotating

Creation, destruction, birth, death, and rebirth

All spiraling in a continuous endless circle

Uncoiling like a gigantic cosmic serpent

The energy of spirit seemed formless

Yet taking on the most graceful shapes

And intricate colors and patterns

Sinking down and rising upwards

Through countless realms of existence

A thousand different realities and incarnations

We saw the image of Vishnu and Lakshmi

Riding on Garuda, the king of all birds

Then, shakti, a blinding light of energy hit us

Oh Ganesha, remove all obstacles before me!

We were now in a field of sacred soma plants

The skies darkened and a gentle shower commenced

I remember the green lushness of the landscape

The freshness of pristine raindrops falling

The feeling of ancient India

And then Lakshmi appeared gracefully

She sat gently upon a glowing pink lotus

Wearing a such a beautiful crown

Surrounded by magnificent white elephants

It was there that we sat upon a river bank

Watching the currents carrying neon fish

The cool water bathing us in a divine ritual

As we felt the bliss of momentary transcendence

And the nirvana of the spiritual perfection

Of the pantheon of ancient gods

That came to us under the sacred tree

That very day

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Loved!!!! You took me there

Loved!!!! You took me there for sure. What a beautiful practice. Sooo enjoying your words. Gonna have to catch up on reading tomorrow. Been on the road all day. Now vicariosly meditating. Lol. Taking this one into dreamland.

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eternalpoet1389's picture

Thanks!!  I'm glad you liked

Thanks!!  I'm glad you liked it!!!