Hitting the ground

Breaking into a million

Tiny pieces.


Twisting, warping

Bending in ways that

Make it break.


Straining, pushing, 

Screaming into the dark

"Let me go!"


A mind can only


So much.


A human can only


So much.


Reaching, grasping, 

Desperate for someone, 

Anyone, to help.


None do.


And the innocent fall.


Drowning, Choking, 

On their own



Helpless, unable

To ever escape

On their own.


So wake up.


Reach out.


And help the person

Next to you.


What do you have to lose?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Angry musings on abuse.

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really nice enjoyed reading this poem

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The Battered


Just re-read 01-24-16, The hell of the abused is hell for us all. Helping is hard and requires courage. Interference can be life threatening. Batterers are bullies and emotionally ill. - :S