And choir practice is over
and you and the others
leave by the vestry door
and look at the night sky


few stars
bright moon
and she says
wait a while


and so you wait
while the others
move off
towards the cars


or for the long walk
down the drive
from the church
and you see her there


in the moonlight
and she is standing
by one of the graves
and you go to her


and she draws you
to her and you kiss
and the warm lips
are on yours


and she has
her arms around you
and you smell
her scent


and feel her there
her body close
to yours
her hands touching


and her lips
and you touch her
and sense her
and it's as if


time has stopped
and nothing else
is in the world
except you and she


and the moonlight
and stars
and that slight wind
you sense


and her fingers
through your hair
and your hand
feeling along


her butt
and warmth
and no thoughts
no philosophy


no music
none of that stuff
just you and she there
and the kissing


and touching
and time moving
but you both unaware
that some other guy


would have her
and marry her
and that cancer
would take her off


into its deadly grasp
and there was moonlight
and stars
and lips


and kissing
and she saying
she loved you
and you saying words


that floated there
bird-like flapping
and her lips
soft as cotton


and her tongue
touching yours
and sensing


and O boy
that was hot
and love
and only


in the dark hours
when her shadow
lingers nearby
do you see


that time
and feel
the need
to cry.

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