gate way

have you ever had a dream..

that seemed so real..

when you woke up..

you didin't know

what to belive..

what would you do

if what you thought was true


and what you thought wasn't true


would you retreat..

into your dreams in hope

of finding a better reality

some times life is stranger then a dream

and the only way to wake up

is to face what lies hidden in your soul

and you could only hope that in those

moments of dark reflection

that you are not alone.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if the reader does not relat to the writting if he/she does not ask themselfs questions

that I K.D HAVE FAILD Make em Question themselfs

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    The idea of



The idea of reverse/opposite realities can be and dreamed to order, how fascinating. Have to be careful about I dream of as sometimes I think my dreams, especially the ones that come true are more reality than reality. Or my dreams are simply about real events, maybe.