Monthly Archive for December 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Waiting for You Revised III Poem gonzodav_i The Truth as I've seen it... Dec 14th
Read Poem Sansimi education, School Dec 14th
Sharing Poem gonzodav_i I like you Dec 14th
Christmas Rounds Poem Anonymous 4 Dec 14th
Pied Piper Poem Sansimi longing, love, relationships Dec 14th
Butterflies Poem Sansimi love, relationships Dec 14th
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Poem KAB education Dec 14th
Intruders Poem Sansimi History Dec 14th
The messengers Poem Sansimi Dec 14th
Night Poem Sansimi Depression, POETRY, Suicide Dec 14th
Pretty Poem Sansimi Depression, lies, love Dec 14th
untitled Poem Sansimi love, relationships Dec 14th
Letters to God Poem Sansimi Dec 14th
Eraser Poem Sansimi Dec 14th
VAL Poem a.griffiths57 5 gone but not forgotten.Friend from the past., loss, love Dec 14th
I Want To Look At Someone Poem EmmaMegRobertson forever, love, personal Dec 14th
Life is Fragile Poem EmmaMegRobertson 4 DESPAIR, fragile, Hope, Life, love, Memories Dec 14th
Nebuchadnezzar’s Experience Poem trumpet7 Dec 14th
Clamor Poem Sivus conversation, Life, Loneliness, People, social, talking, voice Dec 14th
SNOW Poem chris 1 Dec 14th
ALICE AND THE CARICATURE Poem Dadio 1 father, girl, mother, NANNY 1890 Dec 14th
new world Prose craigyw Dec 14th
comedown high Prose craigyw 2 Dec 14th
Something Strange Poem Aloris 1 difference Dec 15th
The Pollywog Of Sludge Poem nightlight1220 pollywog love Dec 15th
my pain Poem cigey Dec 15th
Colors Of The Rainbows Poem nightlight1220 5 rainbows Dec 15th
Spirit Chaser Poem JordanS 2 #love #desparation #chase Dec 15th
Burnables Poem JordanS #fire #dragon #comfort #dream Dec 15th
Off balance Poem JordanS Dec 15th
Soft Black Poem JordanS Dec 15th
The Ambition of a Doomed Traveler Poem JordanS #prayer Dec 15th
Watersun Poem JordanS Dec 15th
A Proper Farewell Poem JordanS #wind #goodbye #friends Dec 15th
Knowing Poem JordanS #storm #fear #bindings Dec 15th
Won't be a day Like this, Tommorow Poem Matthew # addiction # love # passion Dec 15th
briges Poem cigey 2 briges Dec 15th
Cold Water Dream of You Poem JordanS #dream #sad #doomed #brokenthings Dec 15th
POINT TO PROVE! Poem pbenarumairaj 4 Shortcomings and fears of human beings at different stages and how they struggle to establish themselves Dec 15th
The Sun Calls to the Winged One Poem JordanS 1 #fire #burning #flying #wings #rebirth #reset #death Dec 15th
Flyer Crier Poem JordanS #heart #lost #dream Dec 15th
dreams Poem lcnewyork 1 Dec 15th
How Many Will Finally Be Too Many Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
RIPPING APART OF ELAINE'S HEART. Poem Dadio 1962, BOY SCHOOL, girl, love Dec 15th
We Grow Up, We Think We Know (But Somehow Still Haven't Got A Clue) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
Is Your Reflection True Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 15th
Pinned Poem ReilaMorello Pinned Struggling Drowning Choking Saved Relief Safety Dec 15th
Never Look Down On Those Who Are Different Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
Be The Symbol Of Reason Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
Please Mother Nature Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 15th
INNOCENCE Poem joy Children, GUN DEATHS, innocence Dec 15th
Mandela(Unconditional Freedom) Poem rosalind # heart # love # passion # freedom Dec 15th
Crazed and Nervous Poem JordanS #wings #life #alone #storm #love #dying #neglect Dec 15th
Lost one Poem EvieTravieAllie 2 Bestfriends, Black, Fall, gray, Hate, lost, love, Pain, sad, white Dec 15th
Night Wishes Poem itsthesmallthings Dec 15th
Dearly beloved Poem EvieTravieAllie 4 Adultery, breakup, love, marraige, relationships, sad Dec 15th
Tinsel & Beer Poem mack619 christmas, PTSD, soldiers, Sword Beach, WW2 Dec 15th
ALICE AND THE HORSES. Poem Dadio father, girl, horses, Maid Dec 15th
Songs left unsung Poem yaypoems 2 #man #love #lyrics #song #guitar #one day # inevitability Dec 15th
No Regrets Prose ReilaMorello 1 Anger Depression Sadness Abuse Fury Suicide Shouting Screaming Breaking Standing, Emotions Pain Healing, fighting Dec 15th
lost soul Prose Leo87 2 Dec 15th
My Own Worst Enemy Poem 48daniel 3 Dec 16th
People Just Doing People Things Poem Matthew 1 #Political #Congress #Lobbyists #Defense #War Machine #Religon Dec 16th
The Trip Poem TheSniper46209 Abstract, Adventure, bonding, confusion, DXM, friendship, love, realization, sadness, understanding, vibing Dec 16th
Can't go back Poem TheSniper46209 crushing, insecurity, longing, love, Passion, perversion, sexual restraint Dec 16th
Take Me Tracy Poem wisdom 1 love Dec 16th
My Grown Up Christmas Wish List Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 16th
The intollerable thought Poem SSmoothie 10 Dec 16th
You knocked me off my feet again and you werent even there. Poem SSmoothie 17 Dec 16th
Teach The Chidren Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 16th
The Kiss Poem ReilaMorello 3 Desperate Scared Confused Rushed Hurried Memories Anger Depression Dec 16th
HIS AFTERNOON HEAD. Poem Dadio 1963, boy, girl, love, sex Dec 16th
delusionary Poem ADAPT Dec 16th
cycles Poem ADAPT 1 Dec 16th
Whiskey and Gin Poem Abraxiis Dec 16th
SLOW READER Poem joy reading Dec 16th
Room 101 Poem CuDiDream Dec 16th
JUST FOR YOU. Poem Dadio 4 Abuse, man, woman Dec 16th
Chestnut Tree Poem CuDiDream 1 Dec 16th
hell ride Poem lovingdaisys Dec 16th
Billy Poem spellmuch # heart # love # passion # freedom Dec 16th
I remember Poem roboam33 abuse hurt love sexual sadness Dec 16th
Open Window Poem archaicshadows 1 Dec 16th
Whole Poem Sansimi Depression Dec 16th
Men Are Creatures That Just Aren't Right Poem ramonathompsont Dec 16th
Ambition Poem Sansimi Depression, Hate, Lesbian, love, Suicide Dec 16th
Yet, You do not care Poem roboam33 1 #alone #sad #pain #hurt Dec 16th
my big sorry Poem susiemayee Dec 16th
My heart , Your eyes Poem susiemayee Dec 16th
Prince Charming Poem susiemayee Dec 16th
My Point of View Poem susiemayee Dec 16th
Spaces Poem susiemayee Dec 16th
Burn Bitch Burn Poem ramonathompsont Dec 16th
Wet Feet Syndrome Poem allets 2 Dec 16th
Stay true Poem Sansimi cheating, infidelity, love, relationships Dec 16th
Greed Poem Sansimi love, relationship Dec 16th
Fucking Picasso Poem Sansimi infidelity, love, relationship Dec 16th
Conversations with Trees Prose spellmuch Weird experiences Dec 16th
untitled Poem SSmoothie 4 Dec 17th
new* Poem SSmoothie 6 Dec 17th
Confession Poem INKSTAIN 5 Dec 17th
The Calamity of me Poem IamWhoIam 2 Dec 17th
The Black Rose Poem allets 2 Dec 17th
Poet Gone Poem allets 2 Dec 17th
that giddy feeling laced with thick dread! Poem SSmoothie Dec 17th
Christmas Hug Poem nightlight1220 12 christmas, flu, huggy bowl, missing, virus Dec 17th
A Mangered Way Poem allets 4 Dec 17th
Helen Mirren Poem allets Dec 17th
wait* Poem SSmoothie 9 Dec 17th
Listen Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 17th
Remember The Magic Still Burning Inside You Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 17th
Ode To The Full Moon (That Never Ceases To Inspire Me) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 17th
The Dream Lives On (Even After The Dreamer Is Gone) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 17th
PREPARATION FOR SEX. Poem Dadio 1964, boy, girl, Life, love, sex Dec 17th
THAT DEPENDS Poem joy Parenting Dec 17th
WHAT LYDIA HEARD. Poem Dadio 1950S, boyfriend, girl, london, sister Dec 17th
Take The Time To Teach The Future Well Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 17th
Beautifully Undefined Poem roryboliver@gma... Dec 17th
Footnote: Appreciation Of Beauty Poem Starward Dec 17th
Jesus' Christmas donkey Poem Dimitriand Dec 17th
Adam to Eve Poem Dimitriand Dec 17th
Roads are Never Alone! Poem KingofWords 2 #Friendship #Relationship Dec 17th
The Music That Speaks To Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 17th
Lights! Madiba! Action! Poem IulianBrudiu brudiu, mandela, nelson, poem, POETRY Dec 17th
Tests. Poem DesertDreamer Dec 17th
Christmas (nonsense poem) Poem DesertDreamer 2 Dec 17th
Spell Caster Poem ramonathompsont Dec 17th
Your love is for me Poem IsidaDerrvishhasani Dec 17th
Morning Glow Poem workm Dec 17th
Untitled On Purpose Poem allets 2 Dec 17th
Morning Sun Poem workm Dec 17th
CHRISTMAS (IF I KNEW) Poem heatherburns35 Dec 17th
Morning Sunshine Poem workm Dec 17th
Lori's Poem Poem workm Dec 17th
Dream Stars Poem allets 2 Dec 17th
Music and Life.. Poem workm Dec 17th
Let's Keep Going.. Poem workm Dec 17th
Place Called Earth.. Poem workm Dec 17th
You in my Life.. Poem workm Dec 17th
The Summer Stars.. Poem workm Dec 17th
WorldENDdomination. Poem Jessueh #death #world #night #passenger #moon #sky #sad #metapher Dec 17th
Warrior Woman War Machine Poem ramonathompsont Dec 17th
THE DANCE Poem chris 1 Dec 17th
C'mon and Shove Me Poem ramonathompsont 2 Dec 17th
Another Page Poem thelohaspiral Dec 17th
A Season of Wonder.. Poem workm Dec 17th
Newfound Wings Poem cevance 6 angel, mother Dec 17th
Examine Yourself Poem trumpet7 Dec 17th
I Adore You Poem JustThinking 1 Dec 17th
The Fork In The Road Poem JustThinking 1 Dec 17th
algorythmm Poem SSmoothie 3 soul pain Dec 17th
Pure or Pain. Poem boardergirl 2 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #betrayal #sadness # lonely #bloody #creepy #insanity, Struggles Dec 18th
Tick Tock Poem ReilaMorello 2 Time Society Fast Slow Race Construction Instruction Restraint Neurotic Dec 18th
on the ebony wings of ravens Poem Daniel-59 3 Dec 18th
Counsel's Christmas Bargain Poem nightlight1220 2 attorneys, dead, death row, law, souls Dec 18th
Safe & Secure Poem AngelofDarkness 1 Dec 18th
ALL UNDONE. Poem Dadio 1950S, 9, Abuse, girl, parent Dec 18th
DIFFERENT DESIRES Poem Dadio 1960S, EIRE, Girls Dec 18th
This Cold December Night (I long For Your Light) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 18th
We Could Change The World.. Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 18th
untitled Poem pldappls arise chicken arise Dec 18th
I still touch myself there Poem Moonshadow 4 Dec 18th
my ode to the pole shift in March next year Poem DaztheDruid pole shift Dec 18th
I will Still Love You Poem KingofWords 7 I love the way you are Dec 18th
Flying Free Poem Samentalmonkey Battle, cause, freedom legalisation Uruguay discrimination, harm, Pain, persecute, persecution, racism, survive, war. Dec 18th
Love'em or Kill'em Poem schmuckjones Dec 18th
Wishing Upon a Polymer Poem Samentalmonkey alone, breakup, Depression, Forgotten, Greek, Heartache, Icarus, Lonely, love, Lust, Mythology, relationships, sad Dec 18th
Verses From A Budding Poet Poem nightlight1220 7 POETRY Dec 18th
The work Poem Dimitriand Dec 18th
My Christmas Wish This Year Poem thisisme789 2 christmas, Christmas Wish, desire Dec 18th
Muse Poem DesertDreamer 9 Dec 18th
When I See You at Work Poem thisisme789 6 coworkers, desire, love, work, you Dec 18th
Christmas Dilema Poem thisisme789 12 Dec 18th
Dewdrops Poem eternitywhispers 6 Dec 18th
I Am Your Guide: Dream: September 22, 2013 Poem MrsLivingston© dimension, dimensions, dream, dreams, guide, parallel universe, Reality, spirit guide, weird Dec 18th
Drink Or Die: Dream - November 23, 2013 Poem MrsLivingston© death, die, dream, drink, dying, Nightmare, Scary, water Dec 18th
angels Poem danielacesta Dec 18th
love comes from heaven Poem danielacesta Dec 18th
a light comes from above Poem danielacesta Dec 18th
Kiss This Girl Goodbye Poem ramonathompsont Dec 18th
Ragdoll Poem BlasphemousGrrl Dec 18th
Buttercup Bride Poem allets Dec 18th
This is me Poem Kksway 4 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Dec 18th
Having Been Happy. Poem durlabh moods., secrets Dec 18th
Floating Wings. Poem durlabh moods of life. Dec 18th
Golden Temple. Poem durlabh places poetry Dec 18th
Feats of Courage. Poem durlabh # life # pondering Dec 18th
Fistful of Silver. Poem durlabh Contemplation. Dec 18th
I Forgot. Poem durlabh Loves of past. Dec 18th
Midnight Poem Kksway 2 # addiction # love # passion Dec 18th
Just Like Before Poem sadpoet Dec 18th
Kiss. Poem durlabh Loving passion. Dec 18th
Calypso Poem sadpoet Dec 18th
No Please Poem sadpoet Dec 18th
Hourglass Poem ReilaMorello 2 Poetry Prose Meanings Time Weight Writing Writers Footsteps Dec 18th
Lady of my Dreams. Poem durlabh A love poem with a visionary and philosophical touch on the truth of undying love. Dec 18th
Emotional Suicide Poem oxymoron19 2 #emotional #suicide #sad #drake #love #thoughts #thinking Dec 18th
La Mancha. Poem durlabh Don Quixote. Dec 18th
SKEERY THINGS AT NIGHT Poem Sunmaiden Dec 18th
King of the Dead Time World Poem ramonathompsont Dec 18th
ODE TO A PEA PATCH Poem Sunmaiden Dec 18th
Constructions Poem ReilaMorello 1 Broken Mind Beautiful Crystal Glass Pillars Ice Dec 18th
Outsmarted Again. Poem moog dogs, Food Dec 18th
Misheard Words Serve a Purpose Poem Logan 1 Dec 18th
Bad News Blues Poem allets 4 Dec 18th
Boxes of Thought Poem ReilaMorello Property Sold Human Mind Boxes Lands Travel Definition Trains Dec 18th
KARMA Poem ndtewarie # addiction # love # disapointement Dec 18th
Final Goodbyes Poem UnknownPoet #death #family #imissyou Dec 18th
Lost Poem BlasphemousGrrl Dec 18th
Addicted Poem BlasphemousGrrl Dec 18th
My Lover Questions How Truthful my 'I Love You' s Are. Poem LovingLovelace 4 Dec 18th
Casting Shadows Poem exthias1983 Christ, Faith, Humanity Dec 18th
Favors granted Poem colleenz43 grandson Dec 18th
When Love Blooms Poem workm Dec 18th
Came the cry Poem Kksway #dark #love #fear Dec 18th
Love Gets Under Your Skin Poem notapoet # addiction # love # passion Dec 18th
Along the way Poem workm Dec 18th
God's Light Poem workm Dec 18th
Adam’s Apple Poem notapoet Dec 18th
I told him. Prose sadpoet Dec 18th
some people Prose craigyw Dec 18th
Happenstance Prose colleenz43 sons daughters Dec 18th
Family an Friends Poem workm Dec 19th
tethered magnolias Poem nightlight1220 6 hysteria Dec 19th
Stay Happy Poem workm 1 Dec 19th
The Apostles Poem eternalpoet1389 4 Mysticism, spiritualism Dec 19th
Love and Play Poem workm Dec 19th
Yellow and Green Poem workm Dec 19th
Love Again.. Poem workm Dec 19th
Life so Wonderful.. Poem workm Dec 19th
kissing death Poem xtragic_disasterx 1 Dec 19th
THE SERPANT Poem Sunmaiden Dec 19th
Sanity Poem ReilaMorello 2 Sanity mirrors reflections ripples moods pictures new depression joy happiness interior exterior Dec 19th
Coffee Iota Poem The_Mav Dec 19th
Blue Moonlight Poem Ceeclod 4 Dec 19th
Love, Actually. Poem The_Mav 3 Dec 19th
Mother Monster Poem Austenland_4 1 #fame, #lady gaga, #monster Dec 19th
velvet death kiss* Poem SSmoothie 2 Dec 19th
kiss this love* Poem SSmoothie 4 Dec 19th
Salvation Poem sunflower_66 1 Dec 19th
MIDNIGHT SENSATIONS Poem profrksingh midnight, Nightmare, sleep, Tanka sequence Dec 19th
Refraction Poem thinkofitasthrift 1 Dec 19th
SPIRITUAL FLICKERS: A Tanka Sequence Poem profrksingh Dec 19th
How Great Is My God Poem millyardo Dec 19th
I need sex Poem mauvena 5 Dec 19th
The Hidden Holiday Truth Poem ksu2012 Dec 19th
Heartbreak Poem Bqe28 #Heartbreak #BreakUp #Love #Relationships Dec 19th