O' Lovely Pain

Torn magazines and a ripped prom dress.

Material things in deadly excess.

I know this isn't right, 

but you're all I have left.


Like the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

A syzygy forms with our mind, body and soul.

Your eyes shine like diamonds with a golden afterglow.

We speak no words, but the conversation overflows.


But like steam rising from a hot spring,

Like a ghost in the night still haunting.

Like the smell just after it rains.

Our love has slowly began to fade...


Like the beats of our heart,

Like the hemmohraging Red Sea.

There is a constant power struggle

ragin within me. 


When I am responsible for all the demons you fight.

And your body cannot shed one more tear.

When your closed eyes try to cry.

the face of your pain you see is mine, my dear.


Now you're bleeding inside and out.

I've hurt you more than I care to announce.

But when your skin touches mine...

Please tell me what you feel inside.


One more kiss, one more hug and one last smile.

I'd be suprised if we both make it out of this alive.

You were always the rock. The solid, hard ground.

That I used to land on and crack when my high was coming down.


Do you forget, forgive and kiss?

Oh the phenomenon! The power to forgive.

Physical, mental and emotional bliss!!

But one's soul never forgets...


Please love, leave as you are.

The hurt you feel will soon be scars.


You were my stepping stone and my mind is made up.

No more footprints will be left on your heart by me, my love.

But for your own good please run...

This gun doesn't need to kill both of us.

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