Father Talking to Son (Coming of Age)

With the gift of birth

Comes duty and purpose

Remember you are unique

There is nothing quite like you

In this entire universe

So focus your intent

Let those thoughts

Be good and

Turn into actions

Give thanks each day

Say a prayer to the great spirit

Speak the truth

Let the words flow

From your heart

Treat all beings as equals

We are all one in creation

Help those less fortunate

For that person can be you

Tomorrow or in another lifetime

Chose words wisely

For they are powerful

Remember your dreams

They are there to guide you

Speak to your ancestors

That have passed on

Into the spirit world

For they look down upon

Their relations in fondness

They need us too

Live in the moment

Enjoy the present to the fullest

Don't get trapped into

Consumerism and possessions

Houses, cars, property

They all just imprison you

The payments required

Instill fear and control

Instead, live free with wonder

Roam with what little you have

Then you will truly be happy

With no weight or burden

Each human is an artist

Weaving a tapestry

Look to the beauty

Of this living breathing world

For inspiration

For there are muses everywhere

It is so important to honor this planet

Respect all of the creatures

Do not take more than you give

Seek balance always

Resolve to make a difference

Make this world a better place

Grow, evolve, become spiritual

Let the forest become your temple

The mountain valley your church

Each ocean a baptism

The sky's rain an anointment

Reach your fingers into

The rich black earth

And take in the scent

Of the earth mother

Late at night

Let the moon be your guide

See her pale silver glow

Reflect off the surface of

Rippling midnight lakes

Tackle your fears, for there

Will be many obstacles

Growth means change

So follow the path

That is not always easy

In life, there is nothing promised

Only that you are never alone

And you will never die

Sure you are born, you follow the circle

Your body will die like every man

And woman before you

But, you, me, and every tree is part

Of this great creation, the great mystery

Some call it God, I call it great spirit

But it is all the same

As above so below

I am you, you are me

The tree you chop is your limb

The meat you eat is your flesh

Water, your blood

All of life is a reflection

Of our innermost thoughts

We attract what we are

Now take some time

A little time each day

To reflect in some sacred space

A quiet meditation

A moment of solitude

Connect with those sounds

Those vibrations that run

From your head

Down your spine like a snake

Spilling out through your feet

Into the earth itself

She will always ground you

Whenever something bad befalls you

Look for a sign, look for hope

You will find it in the darkest hour

A rainbow, a sliver of sunlight

Warm on your face

A beautiful sunset melding

Myriads of incandescent pastels

My special time

Is the early dawn

The transition from darkness

To morning light

I find joy in this, my favorite

Time of day

So each morning when you wake

Give thanks for your life

Your experiences

Your family

Your wife

Your children

And throughout the day

Wake up from your routine

Feel the breeze

Listen to the insects humming

Watch the fireflies dance

In the warm July evenings

Discover ritual and ceremony

Always use nonviolence

And love all that is inside you

And all around you

For the stars, the moon, the sun

Even this earth is part of you

The great spirit lives inside of you

And you reside in the great spirit


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