life comes at us from out of the darkness

and at times we can sruggle to find

the curage to face it

when life comes rushing

at you from out of the darkness

who will you choose to face it with

will it be someone you trust

will they be wise

and will thier love for you

help them to guide you to the light

or will they lose thier way in the darkness

will they make noble choices

or will that person be somone untested

somone new...

life comes rushing at you

from out of the darkness

when it does

is there somone in your life you can count on

somone who will wach over you

when you stumble and fall

and in that moment

give you the srenght

to face your fears alone

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    The poem portrays



The poem portrays uncertainty through out its discourse; however there is a fight back element to the poem and a certain excitement to all the uncertainty. Liked your poem very much, hope you find that special someone to share life's unpredictability.