Vessels of God

God's Sovereignty

Vessels of God


I simply choose to understand, I am just a vessel in God’s Hand,

An empty vessel that He uses, as He desires, where He chooses,

Led by God’s Holy Spirit within, this, as all the glory goes to Him,

While The Lord above uses my life, as a witness for Jesus Christ.


I’m a vessel which God fills, for God’s purpose and as God wills;

But first I was cleansed by Christ, to be used for God, in this life,

Cleansed, by The Word within, through His Spirit, from all my sin,

His fit vessel that will be poured, all for His purpose, by my Lord.


Filled with the Truth of His Word, used by Him until all have heard,

In God’s time and by His choice, to be for Christ, one small voice,

Now given that voice to proclaim, God’s Salvation and The Name,

Of God’s Only Son, Jesus Christ, so others can have Eternal Life.


Friend it’s not me, but God’s Hand, that helps men to understand,

The Eternal Truths of His Word, as the hearts of others are stirred,

By God’s Holy Spirit my friend, as The Spirit works for God’s end,

Bringing men to God’s salvation, through God’s written Revelation.


It’s The Lord God above who fills, while drawing others as He wills,

Changing the very hearts of men, in order that they be Born Again;

This as His Spirit prepares a heart, for His Truths, which we impart,

While God uses vessels like us, the Ambassadors of Christ Jesus.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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