Mr. Bishu of Kolkata

Mr. Bishu, a poet with a heart of sea,

The colours rest in peace,

In the psyche of his,

He takes pride in Kolkata, a wonderful city.


Different are his feelings,

Finding fullest appearance,

Through the utterance,

That his passion brings.


Go and catch the dreams my friend,

If you grab one, you must never forget to lend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my 200th poem and I dedicate it to Mr. Bishu.

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Thank you !! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Haque Sahab

Congratulations on your Two-ton.Thank you !! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Shukriya Is gareeb ko yaad aya apke kalam se meri khush kismati hai.Duan karta hoon ki apke lekhni ko Allah tala syahi bharte jaye.Haque Sahab.So very kind of you!!!I am overwhelmed by your kindness.May Allah give you more and more words to celebrate more centuries of poetry.Thanks again friend on the other side of the barricade.



KingofWords's picture

You are most welcome

You are most welcome Mr. Bishu. I'm so grateful for such kind words of yours. Take care.