IX Chel

My lady rainbow

Gazing longingly at the pale blue morning star

Hiding stealthily from the jealous Mayan sun

Your dark eyes reflecting the Cozumel moon

Gently you sleep in a gorgeous Yucatan garden

Daydreaming of a magnificent palace in the sky

Insects dance majestically upon blossoming flowers

Dragonflies swarm over their beautiful goddess

Reciting a soothing lullaby to their slumbering patroness

Brilliant electric blue wings entwined in her flowing black hair

 They lift her across an inlet upon enchanted wind currents

To descend upon Isla Mujeres in the salty tropical breeze

Raising up a sacred temple on the shore in honor of their goddess

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poetry has always been inspired by spiritualism mysticism, and ancient myths-this one takes us to the Yucatan!!

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