Slide through multiple planes

Shifting, soaring, listening…

For infinitesimal vibrations

Manifestations of consciousness

And currents of thought

The purest extract of energy

I sing my song into the solar night

I sing my song to the spotted jaguar

I sing my song to the cloud forest

I sing my song in this Amazonian clearing


Listen now to the ancient teachings

 Of sacred plant spirits long forgotten

Their powerful essence lingering

Beyond the mists of the jungle

Hungering for an outlet

A form of expression

A means of communication

The communion that can only be brought about

By the powerful healing of chant and invocation

The gift of an icaro

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Yes, I freakin' LOVE your

Yes, I freakin' LOVE your work. You make me want to dip back into meditation. Your words touch my spirit deeply. Thank you.

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Wow!  Thanks!!  A writer

Wow!  Thanks!!  A writer couldn't ask for more!!

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You're very welcome. I'm a

You're very welcome. I'm a big fan of writers who can really draw me in. And you have proven to do so over and over again. So I thank YOU for sharing your wonderful works. Welcome, to postpoems! Peace...

Copyright © morningglory