Frog Kisses


Frog Kisses

Karyn Indursky written with Dove

Upon a green Lily pad sat a Frog Prince

Croaking songs of freedom" Freed with a Kiss

how could a Princess he convince

Upon a lily pad he made a list


I shall inpress her by catching a fly

or perhaps I jump up as far as I can

and grab a bright shining star way up high

and place it at the tips of her sweet hands


Then the Prince knew what had to be done

He'd tell her "I love you with all my heart"

So he croaked his love, it was so much fun

The Princess fell for him right from the start


She kissed the Frog Prince on his tender nose

And like great magic a Real Prince arose

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Enjoyed every word....... Mm Poetic_eyes

Enjoyed every word....... Mm Poetic_eyes.... true magical poetry....Rocking!!!!



Poetic_Eyes's picture


bishu..thank you. glad you enjoyed reading my poetry.